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What Is Marketing?

Online marketing or internet marketing is a strategy or tool for promoting a product, service, or company brand to the public. Online marketing combines design, development, sales and advertising to drive e-commerce sales.

Why Should I Use Atomic Acorn Marketing?

At Atomic Acorn We practice what we preach. We use the same marketing principles that brought you to us to help bring your target clients to you.

Who Should Use Marketing?

You should increase your marketing efforts once you are ready for more clients.

When Should I Start Using Marketing?

Online marketing should be started once you have an established web site or e-commerce store. To get the best results from your marketing effort you will need a detailed landing page describing your product or service.

Where Is Marketing?

Online marketing is composed of three main areas, web marketing, email marketing, and social media.

  • Web marketing includes e-commerce websites{link}, affiliate marketing websites, informational web sites, online advertising (PPC), and organic search engine results.
  • Email marketing covers advertising and promotional marketing sent in e-mail to current or potential clients.
  • Social media marketing includes advertising and promotional marketing over social networking sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and YouTube.

How Do We Start Using Marketing?

Atomic Acorn offers email marketing consulting and template design, and social media optimization.


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