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About Us

The Atomic Acorn team has been involved in e-commerce, web site development, and graphic design for over 10 years. Our priority is helping clients grow their business. We tailor all of our services to fit your business need and budget.

Random Company Facts

Inception: July 2000 during the Shareware Industry Conference in Tampa, FL

How we got our name: The name "Atomic Acorn" started off as a way to be listed at the top of alphabetic listings. Over time we realized the name fit our business perfectly. "Atomic" supplies the power to help your business ideas "Acorn" grow.

What keeps us going: A passion for helping businesses grow their ideas and a love for how the Internet brings people around the world closer together.

What makes us special?

Our biggest assets are the people behind all chats, emails, and phone calls helping your business succeed. Here’s a glimpse into the minds and personalities of the team that keeps this place heading in the right direction:

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  • Scott Smithwick - Founder
  • Scott is the co-founder of Atomic Acorn. He runs the company alongside Brad, working on business development and day-to-day operations.
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  • Brad Smith - Founder
  • Brad is the co-founder of Atomic Acorn. He runs the company alongside Scott, working on web site design, development and graphic design operations. He has been working with computers for 20 years. He designs, develops and maintains Web sites for clients. Smith's mission is to make the user experience enjoyable for all users and takes a key role in determining layout and he follows Web Standards for XHTML, CSS, WCAG and Section 508 Accessibility Guidelines. He has worked with software developers, Web developers and users within the accessibility and usability field for 10 years.

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