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LegalZoom is an easy-to-use, online legal solution, providing a large array of online legal documents. It provide products to help businesses and families create their own legal documents.

Developed by expert attorneys, LegalZoom's 3-step process is fast and easy.

Step one: Simply log into the secure, online environment and answer a series of straightforward questions. Most people finish in minutes, but there's no rush. Your answers are saved automatically so you can return anytime to complete your questionnaire. If you need assistance, the customer support team is just an e-mail or phone call away.

Step two: LegalZoom's document assistants review your answers for consistency and completeness. If clarification is needed or additional information, you are contacted directly.

Step three: Your legal documents are printed on archival quality, acid-free bond paper and delivered to you along with simple wrap-up instructions. Your docuements are even filed with the appropriate government agency.

DBA / Business Names

File a DBA quickly and easily

DBA is an abbreviation for "doing business as." If you're a sole proprietorship, you need a DBA to register your business name. Corporations and LLCs need a DBA if they use a different name than what's filed with the state.

With a LegalZoom DBA you can:

  • Legally conduct business and gain valuable rights
  • Open a bank account under the business name

Types of Business Structures

Limited Liability Compancy (LLC)

An LLC is a business entity created under state law that can shield you from personal liability. LLCs are becoming the most popular way to start a business due to their ease and flexibility.


  • A personalized operating agreement
  • Provisions to safeguard your personal assets

Corporation (S Corp, C Corp)

A corporation protects your personal assets and is preferred for its ability to attract outside investors.


  • Filed documents with the state forming your corporation
  • Personalized bylaws and resolutions defining who owns and manages the company
  • Optional assistance with IRS filings including application for Federal Tax ID and S corp election

Sole Proprietorship

A sole proprietorship is the simplest form of business. Although not considered a separate legal entity, by default, once you start operating a small business (i.e. selling goods or services) you become a sole proprietorship. In a sole proprietorship, there is no separation between the business and individual owner.

Trademark Registration

You've put a lot of time and effort into creating your business. Whether you're just starting out or you're already established, a registered trademark will help expand the protection of your brand nationwide.


  • Federal direct-hit search of the federal database
  • Your application reviewed for completeness and filed with the USPTO
  • 30 days to speak with an attorney to help you through the process*


Provisional Application

Filing a Provisional Application for Patent is one of the fastest, easiest ways to start protecting your invention. You'll receive an immediate priority filing date from the US Patent and Trademark Office and enjoy the immediate right to label your invention "patent pending."

Utility Patent

If you have a great idea, don't wait for someone else to claim it first. LegalZoom has worked with experienced patent attorneys to offer a new, simpler way to file a non-provisional patent application for your invention at a great price.

Design Patent

File an application for a design patent to protect the unique appearance (but not the function) of manufactured items - such as furniture, containers and clothing. LegalZoom can help you apply for a design patent - quickly and affordably.

U.S. Copyright Registration

Protect your creative work

Copyrights protect books, songs, photographs, and other original works of authorship.

With a federal copyright registration:

  • You establish a public record of the copyright claim
  • You can enforce your copyright in federal court

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